Assembly District 20 Candidates

Anish Mohanty – Nonprofit Communications Director

Anish is a progressive organizer who is dedicated to serving the most marginalized members of his community. He was born and raised in Union City, where he serves on the Arts and Culture Commission and the Sister Cities Committee.

Anish got his start in public service when he was 16, traveling to his parents’ hometown in Odisha, India to create a documentary on a foster home for children who had been abused, left behind, or struggled with disabilities. He subsequently raised $24,000 which aided in the construction of a new residential facility for the children of Adruta. Since then, his mission has been to dedicate his life to serving the less fortunate.

He has worked to elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot, including Senator Aisha Wahab, Assemblymember Liz Ortega, and Hayward Councilmember George Syrop, in addition to state and local candidates across the state. He served as Communications Coordinator for Asm. Ortega, and is now Communications Director at the national youth organization Gen Z for Change, where he and his colleagues leverage the power of social media to mobilize their 2 million followers to organize for action on climate change and workers’ rights.

Anish is passionate about climate and labor, and will work tirelessly, both on Central Committee and through his own work, to ensure that future generations have a clean, safe environment to live and thrive in, while also earning fair wages in safe working conditions.

Austin Bruckner – Associate Director/Student

Austin Bruckner Carrillo is Chair of City of Hayward’s Community Services Commission which helps administer critical funds for our vulnerable residents. He’s a strong advocate for affordable housing, tenant protections and services that support families like the one he grew up in. As a child, Austin lived in a local shelter and was raised for most of his childhood in a home impacted by domestic violence and substance abuse. 

He’s a current Associate Member to the Alameda County Democratic party and is the President of Alameda County’s longest running LGBTQ Pride organization. He’s also a candidate for Hayward Unified School District on the November ballot and is proud to run alongside his slate-mates. Together, let’s create a more progressive, corporate free party that works for the many rather than the few. 

Barisha Spriggs – DEM – Member, County Central Committee 20th Assembly District 

Barisha is driven by her devotion to social justice and democracy. For the last 20 years she has been a public servant, community organizer, substitute teacher, and a lifelong Democrat.

In 2017, Barisha became active in the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee with the progressives. She is currently an Elected Member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, a Delegate and Executive Board Member of the California Democratic Party, and a former Democratic National Convention Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate.

Barisha has lived in unincorporated Ashland in Alameda County for 30 years. She has been on the EALI Government Leadership Team, The Ashland Community Center Advisory Board, San Lorenzo Library Advisory Committee, a founding member of My Eden Voice, Alameda County Arts Commission Ashland/Cherryland Artist Selection Committee Member, and more.

Barisha has advocated for renter rights and rent stabilization, parks, improved public transportation, and affordable housing. Her advocacy was the catalyst for funding and implementation of the $30 Million Ashland Corridor Improvement Project Phase II.

Barisha has worked on a plethora of successful campaigns, including SEIU 1021 IE Statewide Campaigns for funding of California Public Schools and Community Colleges, higher minimum wage, worker rights and pensions, patient rights, and more. She has been a Rally Captain for the 2019 SEIU-UHW Kaiser Strike.
One of the most happy moments is when she recruited Danny Glover to record a PSA for the Yes on California Proposition 55 Campaign for school funding.

Dolly Adams – School Boardmember/Teacher

Dolly Adams is a dedicated public school teacher for over 30 years, she has worked in Castro Valley, Hayward and San Leandro. Dolly holds a B.S. in Physical Science – Geology and an M.S. as an Education Specialist.

Dolly is a trustee and the current VP of the Castro Valley USD School Board. Dolly was an executive boardmember and a union representative with the Castro Valley Teachers Association, securing better conditions for both students and teachers. She was a board member of the CV Municipal Advisory Council. As a community activist, she has advanced numerous measures to improve education from early childhood to community college.

She has served on several local, county, and state organizations as a board member and as a CADEM delegate for the 20th AD. She is on the Executive Board of the Castro Valley Democratic Club. She is also an active member of League of Women Voters and the Sierra Club.

Dolly and her fiancé, Jaye, love to take walks with their dog Blue and enjoy their weekly Cajun dancing. She has a passion for exploring other cultures, both nationally and internationally, notably she has been to 48/50 states.

Joey Mauro – Community Organizer

Hello! My name is Joseph Mauro! I am a recent graduate from UCLA and a lifelong district resident. I am running for Central Committee with this wonderful slate because we need more bold, progressive voices on our Central Committee. Despite my age, I have tirelessly advocated for those in need, not special interests. I worked with the Pleasanton Unified School District to move forward on the issue of LGBTQ+ rights and to implement a fully inclusive health curriculum. I organized undergraduate students to implement an Ethnic Studies department at Diablo Valley College, and to expand healthcare coverage to students. I also organized undergraduate support for the recent UAW strikes on UC campuses, because everyone deserves a living wage. Having a Democratic Central Committee that knows how to get Democrats elected everywhere is also extremely important; I worked unrelentingly to re-elect Congressman Josh Harder in 2022 in one of the largest margins of victory for any swing-district Democrat. I hope that I can count on your support and the support of our wonderful slate.

Jatinder “JP” K. Sahi – Nonprofit Healthcare Executive

I started my journey with the Democratic party in Kansas in the 1990’s. Being in California has brought more opportunities to work towards the party platform and make an impact. I am currently an appointed Associate on the Central Committee representing Assembly District 20.

As a long-time resident of Union City and a dedicated member of the Democratic party, I have worked tirelessly to make an impact in various areas of public life. My passion for health care safety net programs and public education is evident in your work as CEO of volunteer-driven non-profit free medical clinics. I have implemented an electronic health record that provides underserved patients access to quality patient care through telehealth. I am also a strong advocate for mental health care and finding solutions to address the issue of homelessness.

In addition to my work in health care, I am a vocal supporter of accessible public education for all students. I believe that every student should receive a high-quality, balanced, and equitable education, regardless of their background. To this end, I support policies that decrease the burden of student loan debt and make college education accessible to everyone.

Lastly, I have run a grassroots campaign (for NHUSD School Board) accepting only individual donations. Our People Powered Progressive slate is committed to fighting for healthcare for all, getting the corrupting fossil fuel money out of our state party, and a strong progressive voice. I strongly support fellow candidates who share similar values and principles and a progressive platform with the Democratic Party. Thank you for supporting the party and I ask for your vote as a Central Committee member.

Victor Aguilar – San Leandro City Council Member

Raised in a union-household by parents whose families emigrated from Mexico, Victor was placed in speech therapy classes because of his Spanish accent. His mother fought the school district so that Victor could receive the same educational opportunities as his white classmates—and in the process, inspired Victor’s passion for social justice.

Victor currently serves as the first openly gay City Council Member of San Leandro. During his tenure on City Council, Victor championed progressive policies by passing hazard pay for grocery workers, a  mobile home rent stabilization ordinance, and advocating for civilian police oversight.

He plans to continue to be a progressive voice on the Alameda County Democratic Central Committees and on the council and will push for broader tenant and worker protections, higher wages, and affordable housing.

Victor is married and served as President of the Board of Directors of Lavender Seniors of the East Bay.