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Candidates for Democratic Central Committee

Voting begins Feb 3 • Election Day March 3

Who We Are

People-Powered Progressives is a diverse slate of community-based activists that are committed to make the Alameda County Central Committee — representing our area in the California Democratic Party — as progressive as our constituency. We support the statewide effort to reform the California Democratic Party by pledging to run corporate-free campaigns in this election and in the future. By running bold progressive candidates for the Central Committee, we seek to empower the local Democratic party to become more inclusive, more open to new membership and make sure that a progressive "people before profits" platform has a dominant voice on this committee. We are running as the People-Powered Progressives for Alameda County. (Initial press release, Filing press release)

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What is the Central Committee?
“Your County Committee is the gateway to getting involved! County Committees drive the front-line efforts of the California Democratic Party: registering and educating voters, protecting the right to vote, and working to elect candidates who will fight for our values. From local elections to Congressional races, our 58 County Committees are working hard to help Democrats win and engage more voters.” — CDP Website
Who can vote for the Democratic Central Committee?
Voters must be a Registered Democrat to get the ballot with these candidates listed. (A "crossover" ballot where No-Party-Preference voters can participate in the Democratic Presidential Primary Election does not work.) You can check your status and if necessary re-register as a Democrat to be eligible to vote for Central Committee.
What is the difference between Central Committee and the ADEM elections held locally every 2 years?
While ADEMs deal with state level politics, Central Committee deals with state and local politics. Central Committee members vote on endorsements for city council, local ballot measures, transit boards, water districts, school boards, etc. They also select additional delegates to the state-level California Democratic Party.
What are we going to do differently?
Open the party up to new people and ideas, open the party up to bold progressives, demand accountability of our elected officials, follow through on resolutions and initiatives, and increase proportional leadership representation within the party.
What are our values?
Engaged leadership, openness, democratic practice, promoting transparency at the local party level, growing the party and expanding party leadership.
How can supporters of People Powered Progressives help?
The county committee elections are lacking in information for most voters. The vast majority of voters see these names on their ballots and have no idea what they do or who they are. Please help us educate your fellow voters across the county. Share this website and our Facebook and Twitter pages with your neighbors across the county!

But most importantly…

Why do we need a change?

The Alameda County Central Committee — representing our area in the California Democratic Party — is not representative of our progressive spirit, nor the diversity of Alameda County. In AD18 for example, there is only 1 Black person elected to the Committee and only 4 representatives from Oakland out of 10 seats. There currently are no Black men elected to serve on the body representing the entire county!

The Central committee is supposed to represent the grassroots, and be a gatekeeper for all of the politicians in the area who want to represent us. But over the years, that has turned upside down, and now they seem to exist to support and defend the politicians currently in power, against the interests of the people they are supposed to represent.

In the 2018 elections, the Central Committee generally endorsed the least progressive candidates for local and state offices, and tried to silence progressive voices on important issues. Most incumbent representatives have held their seats for decades and are committed to maintaining the old status quo despite the groundswell of progressive change which is transforming the Democratic Party.

It’s time for a change!

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